This page is dedicated to my  1991 Honda Civic HB Si. I've had this car for about two years, and I love it! Click on one of the sections below to see what I've done to my car.

November, 1st, 2000
     The new cross-drilled rotors came and I installed them. Everything went smooth *after* I got an impact hammer from Sears. What's next? Probably some new shocks... stay tuned

September, 17th, 2000
     Well, I ordered some Neuspeed cross-drilled rotors from last week and I can't wait until they get here so I can install them and throw away my warping stock rotors.

July, 4th, 2000
     Yes, I finally got some rims. Look above for some pics on how my car currently looks with Alt "X-philes" 16in rims. The tires are 205/40/R16. Haven't had a chance to really test out the new handling, but the car feels much different (the steering a much lighter, and I can feel bumps more, due to the low profile tires). What's next? Probably a new clutch and some shocks.

April, 14th, 2000
     I made my own AEM-Style intake last week and it is awesome! I am very very pleased with the power gains. I can now chirp 2nd gear (never been able to before) on a clutch with 120,000miles! Not bad at all. For all interested go to The total cost was $100.00 for parts and it took me 10 hours to build and install it (not an easy upgrade), but well worth it.  Some day I will get a digital camera and take some pictures of it. Oh, and I also looking into getting a nice set of 16" rims.  Stay Tuned...

October 15th, 1999
     Wow, didn't realize how long it's been since an update. The biggest change to my car is the suspension. A couple weeks ago I installed some Progress springs which dropped it around 2.5" (I can just make it over speed bumps, fenderwell gap is 2 fingers all around). I like the added stiffness and less body roll. Total cost: $170. Haven't taken any pictures yet, so stay tuned.

June 3rd, 1999
     I've been low on funds recently, so not much is going on with my car. However, yesterday I bought a set of Pioneer 6 x 9's, with which I'm going to build a speaker box for them... Never done this before, but if it works out good, I'll make a page on how-to do it..

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